The Sage Oak Blog: Student-Centered Learning

The Sage Oak Blog: Student-Centered Learning 

At Sage Oak, personalization for each student is met through an educational plan, tailored curriculum, and differentiated instructional strategies. 

This month, Sage Oak teachers are expanding on the benefits of student-centered learning. As part of our dedication to collaborating with our families to provide an exceptional personalized educational experience, we encourage parents to utilize these resources and consider implementing these strategies into daily instruction.

Explanation of student-centered learning. Student-centered learning brings curriculum to life. This instructional strategy places the student at the center of the exploration process and gives them a voice to shape their own learning experience. With this instructional strategy, students direct their learning in a way that provides them with an in-depth understanding of the curriculum in a meaningful way which develops lifelong learning skills.


Why choose student-centered learning? Learners have the opportunity to understand the value of the subject, vocabulary, and skills before they are willing to invest effort. This creates a level of relevance between the student and the subject which helps develop confidence.

What is the best way to integrate student-centered learning into daily instruction? Let your student’s interests drive the collaboration so that the student retains the skills and concepts they’re learning. The best strategy is simply asking what students want to explore which can begin with brainstorming what they like to do. This will always vary depending on the different ways a student engages and processes research. Students have a desire to engage so the goal is to provide them with meaningful learning experiences by facilitating exploration and guiding their talents and abilities. Following the student’s lead will create meaning, making room for greater collaboration. Students will be more engaged in their research when the idea is their own.

The benefits of student-centered learning include increasing a student’s ability to lead and motivation to learn. This leads to greater retention of knowledge, deeper understanding, and more positive attitudes toward the subject being taught. 

Please feel free to watch examples of student-centered learning below. Your teacher might be utilizing these methods in the upcoming months:

  1. Facilitating Learning in a Student-Driven Environment series-1
  2. Facilitating Learning in a Student-Driven Environment series-2