Assessment Resources

In our effort to ensure our families are informed about testing at Sage Oak, we have provided you with quick links for easy access to assessment-related items. Sometimes, having everything in one location can simplify things, especially when the requirements vary from grade level to grade level. Please remember the best resource you have available to you is your teacher.

Assessment Information

Sage Oak requires that all students participate in both local and state testing. Please refer to the Parent Handbook (the assessment section begins on page 58) as well as the 6040 Local Assessment Policy and 6115 Attendance, Support, and Involuntary Removal Policy for more information.

Physical Fitness Test (PFT)
California Science Test (CAST)
Grade Levels TestedNext Generation Science Standards (NGSS) 
–Included on CAST–
5th grade3rd-5th grade standards
8th grade6th-8th grade standards
High SchoolScience Domains: Physical, Life & Earth Science
Engineering Domain: Technology & Application Science
Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Assessment