The Sage Oak Blog: Project-Based Learning

Sage Oak teachers are dedicating time to focus on a variety of instructional strategies to continuously improve our service to our students. This month, our focus is project-based learning. 

As our Sage Oak teachers focus on different strategies for their professional development, we encourage Sage Oak parents to utilize these resources and training and consider implementing them during day-to-day instruction.

What is project-based learning (PBL)? Let’s take a closer look at project-based learning! It is more than simply completing a project. Project-based learning promotes a hands-on approach through asking questions, researching, and actively finding ways to gather answers through real-world situations. These realistic projects evoke an engaged setting which creates a new pattern of knowledge and problem-solving skills for the student. This interactive learning strategy guides the development of core learning concepts through collaboration that requires both research and application of information.

What are the benefits of project-based learning? Project-based learning is a great way for students to develop meaningful learning experiences. This instructional strategy teaches skills that are often used in the real-world such as critical thinking, collaboration, and communication. The world we live in is project-based whether it be work, household chores, or even planning a birthday party. Because of this, students can use this knowledge to directly translate into the real world. 


How to utilize project-based learning? Start small. Introduce the topic in an interesting way such as through short discussion, asking questions, or showing a video to help spark interest. Students should be encouraged to develop a challenging question that provides them with a good starting point as they find their learning path and get a more in-depth understanding of the project. Students can choose their own approach to a task and seek constructive feedback from their teacher. Students will gain independence and confidence through this process. Students should go through the process of searching for information, reflecting and evaluating their research, and writing or sharing about their experiences. 


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