Special Education 

At Sage Oak, we are committed to serving all students, including those with special needs.  Special education and related services are available at no cost.  We partner with the Sonoma County Charter SELPA, and for students without identified special needs who are experiencing academic challenges, Sage Oak implements a multi-tiered approach to supporting students through the SST (Student Success Team) process by providing research-based supports/interventions at various levels based on each student’s needs within the general education environment. At any point, if parents/guardians or the school team have concerns regarding a student’s academic progress or suspect that a disability is impacting a student’s ability to adequately progress within the general education environment, they can contact  Sage Oak at (888) 435-4445.

In the interest of supporting our parents as we partner with you in educating your children, we have provided the following recorded training: Successful Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties (approx. 8 min).  

These strategies are actually a valuable resource for teaching ALL students, with or without learning difficulties, and we hope you will find them useful.  Additionally, we greatly value your feedback and ask that you complete the following survey after you’ve watched the video:  Training Survey