Provider FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a community provider (CP)? What is an Educational Materials Resource Provider (EMRP)?
  • A CP is an individual or company that provides educational services for our students.
  • An EMRP is an individual or company that supplies educational products and/or curriculum (print and/or digital
  • These materials and/or services may be paid for by the School only if they are first approved by their teacher and Sage Oak (hereafter “School”). The provider should not provide materials/services without a School issued purchase order (PO). The PO communicates to the provider that the teacher and School have approved the materials/services.
  • More information can be found on Sage Oak’s website
How do I become a CP/EMRP?
  • In order to become a CP/EMRP an application request must be filled out. The School will review the application request and based on your submission the school will decide to either approve or deny a request for an application. A CP/EMRP will be notified via email if the CP/EMRP application is approved.
  •  Documentation required in the application:
    • EMRP – a current W-9 form, general liability insurance policy using ISO Additional Insured-Sellers Endorsement CG 20-15 or a substitute endorsement providing equivalent coverage.
    • CP – a current W-9 form, Department of Justice (DOJ) cleared background check (LiveScan) or proof of an Originating Agent Identifier (ORI) number for each instructor interacting with a student, proof of business liability insurance, and a business license based on the CP’s county requirements.
What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A PO is a document created by the school that outlines either the product to be ordered or the service to be provided to the student. A PO will be sent to the CP /EMRP once the products/services have been approved for purchase by the School. All products and services must be consented by a PO first or the CP forfeits their right to be paid by the School. All invoicing done by the CP must match the content of the PO. A CP’s acceptance of a PO is an agreement to the school’s Terms & Conditions. For a visual please review our Life Cycle of a Purchase Order.

What if I have been fingerprinted in the past? Do I need to do it again?

Yes. Individuals who interact with or engage with our students are required to have fingerprint clearance from the DOJ. The School does not have the ability to access the results of your past fingerprint background checks completed under another agency, employer, or state.

Why do I need commercial liability insurance?

The School requires providers of products and services to carry insurance to protect itself from exposure to liability arising from the provision of such goods and services. Exposure arises from the possibility of loss and the probable severity of injuries or property damage if a loss occurs. NOTE: Once a CP/EMRP is paid for services they are a business; homeowners liability policies do not cover commercial activity.

How do I get paid?

An invoice must be submitted in order for payment to be rendered. Once the invoice is received and verified – it will be processed for payment via ACH (preferred) or check. If you are currently receiving paper checks, and would prefer to accept payments via ACH, please email

How do I submit an invoice?
  • OPS – The School’s invoicing platform for CPs. If you are an active CP and do not have access to OPS feel free to request your login information by sending an email to 
  • EMAIL/FAX – For both CP and EMRP’s, invoice to the School’s Accounts Payable Dept. ( Fax number (888) 431-6118. Please note that all invoices MUST include payable information that (1) matches the W-9, (2) includes the purchase order number, (3) the description of the services/products provided, and (4) if applicable, the month they are servicing the student.
  • MAIL – The last way to submit your invoice as a CP or EMRP, if the first two options are reasonably burdensome, is to mail it to the main office: 1473 Ford Street Suite 105, Redlands, CA 92373.
How soon will I get paid?

EMRPs are paid within 30 days after all products on the PO/invoice are received. CPs are paid for services within 30 days after the invoice has been received.

Do I receive a tax form at the end of the year?

Yes. All CP/EMRPs are independent contractors and are eligible to receive a 1099-NEC form to report their income. However, only CP/EMRPs that have the appropriate tax classification and have been paid $600 or more in a fiscal year will receive a 1099-NEC form.

How do I renew my status as a CP/EMRP each year?

Providers need to return the packet for the current school year, completing all sections. Existing providers are invited to reapply. To confirm your current status, please email