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Hear from Our Staff and Parents

I have not been with Sage Oak very long, since we enrolled late in the year, but it has been a wonderful experience! We have been with other charters and so far Sage Oak tops them all!

Elisa M. | Parent

We have loved every moment with Sage Oak. Our goals as a family, to help our children experience education and the world in a meaningful way, are being met as a result of Sage Oak’s help. Thank you to all the staff who has made this possible!

Ashley W. | Parent

This is a great, caring organization and so is my teacher. She goes out of her way to help me with whatever she can!

Debra Y. | Parent

Our teacher is very well informed, incredibly kind and makes herself available to her families. We are brand new to homeschooling in this setting and our teacher has been so supportive. She answers all our questions, gives great direction and advice and makes sure that we have what we need to succeed at this. My daughter loves her and is always excited to see her. We really feel like our teacher represents Sage Oak professionally while also making it feel like we have joined a family.

Aileen J. | Parent

I am so thankful that we found Sage Oak. I was new to homeschooling last school year, and Sage Oak really helped ease my anxiety about it all. I've already recommended Sage Oak to a few of my family and friends and some of them have enrolled and love it as I do. Thank you for all you do for our children.

Diana M. | Parent

I just want to say that I love our teacher because she always answers any questions I have with my children's academics. She is very kind, informative and she helps me as a parent meet the academic goals I have set for my children through her terrific support. She also encourages my children when they have met their academic goals.

Diane O. | Parent

I couldn't be happier with the school and all the ways Sage Oak goes out of its way to help the families.

Jessica M. | Parent

Sage Oak has a culture of being present for their students. Teachers are warm and always there to equip students and their parents with the tools they need to be academically successful!

Jodi M. | Parent

We have had the best experience and support from this school. This is our 4th year and it improves every year!

Amy S. | Parent

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