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We’re searching for professional educators and staff that connect with our purpose, goals and values at Sage Oak!

Why Work for Sage Oak?

At Sage Oak we view each employee as a contributing member of the team, working toward creating, supporting and maintaining the mission, vision, and shared values of the school.   Our goal is to provide a high level of quality service to the families we support, and each staff member plays an integral role in helping our students become lifelong learners.

Sage Oak Offers Its Employees:

It is also a priority that we work to support one another at Sage Oak, with office staff, teachers, and administration working cohesively together to support students and all members of the team.  In a staff satisfaction survey, employees were asked to describe Sage Oak’s culture in three-words. This Wordle captures all the descriptors, with the larger words being the most frequently mentioned.

In the same survey, employees shared the following:

I’d like to state that the greatest strength is feeling valued as an employee, and with that feeling I am willing to go above and beyond for the school's leadership because I know they are willing to put the time, effort, mentorship, and training into developing me as professional.

...I really appreciate that our administration cares so much for the teachers, and are willing to listen and make adjustments and/or give explanations and further support.

I LOVE my job and the families that I get to serve. I'm so thankful to work for Sage Oak, the best charter school out there. The admin team’s tireless leadership laced with their kind nurturing heart takes it to the next level. I feel like we're truly a team working together and helping each other toward the same goal.

As a new teacher here at Sage Oak, I love the feeling of support that I have from all staff - admin, teachers, business, etc.  They are all so responsive and are just a phone call, text, email or Zoom away. They make our 'distance school' feel like the brick and mortar days when your co-worker was just 'down the hall' from you.

Employment FAQs

Employment FAQs

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