Counseling and Mental Health Resources

Not all children respond to stress in the same way, but there are some common changes to watch for: excessive crying, worrying, unhealthy eating or sleep habits, irritability or acting out avoidance of activities your student has enjoyed in the past, unexplained head or body aches, and use of alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

We all take care of our children’s physical health by providing a healthy diet and encouraging exercise, and still, sometimes they get sick and need professional help. This same care should be extended to our children’s mental health. While talking to your child, modeling coping activities, and trying to keep regular routines may help relieve some of your child’s stress, for a few, that may not be enough.

While sharing your concerns with a medical professional is always recommended, the National Alliance of Mental Health website or the CDC website has a plethora of additional resources.

Sage Oak School Counselor

Sage Oak's school counselor, Allie Whalen, is available to support you and your child. To sign up for Allie's weekly office hours, click here or contact Allie Whalen directly at

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