The Sage Oak High School Virtual Academy is a program that offers online courses for students in grades 9-12. Live courses meet once a week (twice a week for Algebra). The class teacher is responsible for assigning work and grading assignments. 

We strive to create community by placing students in grade-level classes where they have opportunities to collaborate and build relationships with their peers. Attending live sessions is optional for students staying on pace; however, it is still highly encouraged. Students may work at pace or ahead of pace. Students also have access to their subject teachers during drop-in office hours.

Curriculum and Assigning Work

High school students in the Virtual Learning Academy program will receive a Chromebook, curriculum, materials, and one field trip from a selected list for high school students. Students can also participate in all high school clubs, societies, and free career-focused field trips and college tours. Students will be allotted limited instructional funds to purchase supplies such as lab kits or other required materials.

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The High School Virtual Academy uses various digital curricula customized by our teachers, such as StrongMind, eDynamics, Apex, Quality Science Labs, and teacher-created courses. Self-paced electives do not take place live however they are graded and facilitated by our high school teachers. 

Students enrolled in the High School Personalized Learning Academy may also take a la carte courses with our High School Virtual Academy! To view the virtual academy course offerings, click here.