The Personalized Learning Academy for high school offers a personalized educational experience for students in grades 9-12. In our independent study model, students have the opportunity to take courses with a textbook and syllabus at home or with our approved community provider with both in-person and virtual options. In addition, students can take classes a la carte through our Sage Oak Virtual Academy.

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Our passionate and dedicated Sage Oak teachers partner with students and parents to create an individualized learning plan tailored to each student’s unique strengths, skills, needs, and interests. Our highly trained, credentialed Education Advisors create a four-year high school plan, pace out assignments, provide resources, support, and academically counsel students in college and career readiness to prepare them for life after high school. We understand that students come to Sage Oak at various educational levels. We offer accelerated education support for our students working above grade level and credit recovery for students needing to make up credits to graduate. In addition, Sage Oak provides research-based required support and programs for our students below grade level to help them achieve their academic goals.

While recognizing that students learn in different ways and at different paces, we strive to guide all of our students on their own personal, educational journey while on the path to graduate. Offering diverse and innovative curriculum, project-based, and concurrent enrollment options with community colleges, we aim to prepare students to be lifelong and independent learners who think globally, act locally, and civically engage with their community. 

Curriculum and Assigning Work

Each student will have a personalized four-year learning plan that their Education Advisor will prepare. Lessons will guide the student through each semester and keep the student focused and on track for graduation. Our ultimate goal is to help students find their passion while preparing them for life after high school through college and career readiness. 

The High School Personalized Learning Academy offers a wide variety of curriculum options and educational models to meet each student’s individual needs in a standards-based public school setting. Each student will be assigned a Sage Oak Education Advisor (EA) who partners with the student and parent to choose a curriculum that will challenge and engage them. Our Sage Oak Education Advisors will work with parents and students to select approved highly-quality math, language arts, science history, and elective curriculum to prepare the students for future success. Curriculum can vary between hands-on, traditional textbook style, school-provided online subscriptions, and various online classes. Students may also choose to take al la carte courses from the Sage Oak Virtual Academy. Students are required to participate in local and state testing as assigned. For more assessment information, visit our assessment resources page.

Standards-based Curriculum


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