July 25, 2022

Summer Sage News: July 25, 2022

Week of July 25, 2022
It's almost the end of July but there’s still time to take advantage of our Summer Branch Out enrichment program, live art lesson, and fun summer activities!

Join Sage Oak's Summer School Coordinator, Mrs. Tiffiny Webster, live on Wednesday, July 27th at 9:00 am for a fun, interactive art lesson. All you need is a blank sheet of paper, a pencil, and some markers or crayons. After you create your artwork, Mrs. Webster will show you how to share your artwork on the Summer Sage Flip

Click below to join the Zoom meeting.
Meeting ID: 979 1293 7425
Passcode: sagesummer
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Want to watch more art tutorials on your own? Click below to visit the Art for Kids Hub for some fun, easy art lessons.
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Summer is a time for new adventures and making memories. Keep your stories forever by publishing your very own books! The writing paper linked below includes boxes for illustrations and fully lined pages for rich details. (Pro Tip: Keep them handy during the school year and use the pages for self-scoring!)

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Have you ever tried a puzzle that seemed easy, but once attempted, had you stuck-stuck-stuck? Click below to try the matchstick logic puzzles!

In 2008, Samuel Houghton became the youngest inventor at the age of five for his “Sweeping Device with Two Heads” invention. He saw his father sweeping the backyard with two different brooms, one for leaves and one for dust, and instead took two brooms and used a rubber band to connect them together. 

What incredible inventions do you have bubbling in that amazing brain of yours? Click below to use the template to think them through!
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If you’d like to share a copy of any of your summer work on Sage Oak’s social media pages, please send a copy to summerschool@sageoak.education! We are excited to showcase your work!

Tell Us S’More
We’d love to hear how things are going, what you are up to, and any ideas, comments, and feedback you would like to share. Click below for our super quick weekly check-in!

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2022 High School Summer School: June 21-August 12
How do I access my high school summer school course? 
Check your personal and Sage Oak student email accounts for a welcome letter from your teacher with your username and password. In addition to providing course oversight, your teacher will be available to support you through email and office hours. You can find your teacher’s contact information and office hours in the welcome letter email or on the Summer School Student Central.

It’s not too late to enroll in summer school credit recovery courses. If you are interested in enrolling in high school summer school, please contact Tiffiny Webster, Summer School Coordinator, at summerschool@sageoak.education for details.
For questions, please contact summerschool@sageoak.education.