Oct. 5, 2020

Sage News: Week of October 5, 2020

World Teachers' Day - October 5
In 2020, World Teachers’ Day will celebrate teachers with the theme “Teachers: Leading in crisis, reimagining the future." Take a moment to thank your teacher today!

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Is Your Kid a Bully?
As a mom, I know my kids have been the villains in bullying situations probably just as often as the victims. We often think of bullies as kids that get into frequent physical fights, vandalize property, or intentionally humiliate others publicly.

While these things are absolutely not cool, a bully’s actions can also be more subtle and include things like teasing others because of something they say or do and how they dress, excluding another kid from playing or joining a group activity, or posting a meme or gif online in reaction to someone else’s thoughts or feelings. Kids often mistake their bullying behavior for being funny or use bullying as a way to impress others. They follow up their hurtful comments by saying, “I’m just joking” or “It’s no big deal.” But they are wrong! Whether your kids realize it or not, they are being bullies. Passive or overt, bullying is wrong and bullying hurts! 

As parents, it’s important for us to notice how our children treat others and address all bullying behavior, big or small, in person or online. One way to help support your child is to explicitly teach social and emotional skills, the same way you explicitly teach academic skills. Our new vendor, Generation Mindful, has toolkits and articles to help your child, grades TK-12, build their emotional intelligence through play and positive discipline. I highly recommend you check out their resources and contact your Sage Oak teacher if you’re interested in placing an order.

For more information about bullying and bullying prevention, please check out Stompoutbullying.org, which focuses on standing up against hate, racism, and discrimination and changing the culture of bullying with inclusion, equity, civility, and unity. Their website also includes a child-friendly quiz titled Are You a Bully?

#BlueUp by wearing blue today, Monday, October 5th for World Day of Bullying Prevention. Today is also National Child Health Day bringing awareness to children’s health, family, and those that work hard to help them. For more ideas, resources, or suggestions on bullying, please join me, Allie Whalen for Coffee with the Counselor. 

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Newly Approved Providers
We are excited to introduce to you the newest providers to join the Sage Oak family. Check out this spreadsheet for a list of providers that have been recently approved and see what they have to offer our students by peeking at our Sage Oak provider flyers:

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College Tours

  • October 8th: CSU Channel Islands Virtual Tour at 2 pm. Join here!
  • October 5th-9th: Join CalState apply week to learn more about the 23 Cal State schools! 
  • October 5th-10th: Open house for prospective UCLA students! Click here to register and for more information.

Saxon Math
There are many wonderful quality math programs that are available to your students.  From time-to-time, we like to highlight a few of our recommended options that we feel prepare our students for academic success.  This month we would like to shine the spotlight on Saxon Math

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