March 30, 2020

Sage News: Week of March 30, 2020

Sage News: Week of March 30, 2020

Living History Winners
We are so excited to share all of the wonderful living history projects we received! Thank you to all our students for participating and for the hard work and effort you each put into your research, costumes, and displays.

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Spring Break 
April 6th - April 10th

A reminder that spring break is coming up starting April 6th. 

Upcoming Secondary Education Webinars
We hope you will join us for these special webinars after Spring Break!

  • April 14th at 3 pm: Virtual College Tours. Sign up here!
  • April 20th at 10 am: History virtual field trip with Holocaust survivor, Rose Schindler. Click here to join!
  • April 30th at 4 pm: Transitioning to College. Hosted by the National Honor Society. Sign up here!

Math Matters 
This month’s issue of Math Matters builds on last month’s topic of discourse, extending this skill into writing. We have included some amazing resources for writing in math, more FREE math resources, and using current events to teach the important skill of data literacy!

Click the link below to view this month's issue:

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We are still accepting photos to fill our pages with memories! The deadline to submit photos is April 24th.

The deadline to customize your own 2 pages is May 1st.

Please submit your photos by clicking the link below:

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