Can I apply if I don’t have an EL authorization?

Yes, but in order to be invited to begin the interview process, a candidate must be willing to do the following within the first year of employment if offered a position:

• Take and pass all three tiers of the CTEL exam
• Add the EL authorization to their credential which may require additional coursework

A written agreement will be established and continued employment will be contingent upon successful fulfillment of this arrangement. We would highly recommend that all candidates contact the CTC first before beginning the interview process in order to obtain more information about what steps they need to take in order to add an EL authorization to their credential.

Am I guaranteed a certain number of students?

We can’t make a guarantee of any amount of students at any given time. We are constantly evaluating our enrollment numbers and hire only in areas of need. However, as within traditional settings students move or disenroll for different reasons. We make every effort to keep teachers at their desired student counts.

Should I apply in more than one county?

Please only apply in one county. Upon hire, the radius of each candidate’s service area is determined by the school’s administration and based on enrollment and staffing.

Who should I use as references or obtain letters of recommendation from?

We encourage candidates to submit references that are as current as possible and from a source that can speak to their skills, knowledge, character and work ethic. Our preference is that at least one reference is from a person that supervised the applicant. Please note that references are contacted prior to offering candidate’s employment.

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