Lights iMovie, Action! (Quarter 4)

Get ready for an action-packed adventure into the captivating world of iMovie! Join us in this beginner’s course where we’ll unleash our creativity and explore the incredible realm of video making. From filming, moving and splitting clips to copying, shortening, and lengthening, we’ll wield our newfound skills to bring our imaginations to life. Unleash your inner director, ignite your passion for storytelling, and let your creativity soar. Are you ready to make movie magic? Let’s hit that play button and embark on a journey of editing brilliance that will leave you in awe of your own skills! (Apple device required -iPhone, iPad, Macbook, etc. – to be able to download and use iMovie).

Course Information

  • Teacher: Salinas, Cassandra
  • Cost: $75
  • Quarter: q4

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