Whisk & Roll: Junior Bakers (Quarter 4)

Whisk and Roll is an exciting baking class specifically tailored for students who are eager to explore the magic of baking. In this hands-on course, young aspiring bakers will take a delightful culinary journey, discovering the joy of whisking, mixing, and rolling their way to delicious sweet treats. Students will learn essential baking skills and techniques and will dive into a variety of recipes, ranging from cookies and cupcakes to bread and pastries, allowing their imaginations to soar as they create scrumptious delights. Whisk and Roll encourages creativity, experimenting, and self-expression. Students will have the opportunity to experiment with flavors, decorations, and unique twists on classic recipes. Students will walk away with a recipe book and greater confidence in the kitchen. (This class will cover different recipes each quarter so both new and returning students are welcome!)

Course Information

  • Teacher: Waymack, Rebecca
  • Cost: $75
  • Quarter: q4

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