Jr. Forensic Scientists (Quarter 1)

Junior Forensic Science is an exciting and immersive class designed for young sleuths and aspiring investigators! In this hands-on course, students will step into the shoes of forensic scientists, unraveling mysteries, and solving crimes through engaging experiments and activities. They will learn about crime scene investigation techniques, evidence collection, and analysis methods used by real forensic scientists. Through interactive simulations and role-playing scenarios, students will enhance their critical thinking and observation skills, sharpening their ability to analyze clues and draw logical conclusions. We will explore various forensic disciplines, such as fingerprint analysis, DNA profiling, chromatography, and footprint identification and will learn how to examine evidence, decipher handwriting, and conduct experiments to uncover hidden information. Let’s become a detective team and work collaboratively to crack intriguing cases!

Course Information

  • Teacher: Waymack, Rebecca
  • Cost: $75
  • Quarter: q1

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