6th Grade Science: Generation Geniuses (Quarter 4)

Attention, all fearless 6th grade scientists, brace yourselves for an exhilarating voyage of discovery through the captivating world of Generation Genius Science! Get ready to ignite your curiosity, as we take an epic journey that will unlock the secrets of the universe and unravel the wonders of the natural world. Prepare to dive headfirst into hands-on exploration, where abstract concepts spring to life through thrilling real-world applications. Our labs will transport you to the very heart of scientific marvels, covering an array of topics such as weather phenomena, intricate ecosystems, mind-boggling thermal energy, the wonders of cells, and the captivating mysteries of reproduction. By joining our vibrant community, you’ll step into an engaging environment where questions are encouraged, mistakes are celebrated, and collaboration with fellow explorers is the norm. Plus, here’s an exciting addition: students can use their Instructional Funds to acquire a specialized 6th grade science lab kit, unlocking endless opportunities to actively participate in our weekly classes throughout the entire year. Get ready to strap on your lab coats!  (This will be a progressive class through all 4 quarters and a class subscription to Generation Genius in included with enrollment).

Course Information

  • Teacher: Neff, Kathleen
  • Cost: $75
  • Quarter: q4

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