Field Trips

Sage Oak offers many diverse field trips every year for our students. If you have a student that is enrolled at Sage Oak for the 2017-178 school year, your student(s) may sign up for Sage Oak's field trips. Please note, there are no refunds for cancellations after the sign-ups have closed for an event.



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Field Trips FAQs

Can I make payment immediately after signing up for the field trip?

No, a separate confirmation email will be distributed with detailed instructions on how to submit payment via PayPal.

Can my high school student use instructional funds to attend a field trip if the description states TK-8th?

If a trip has a specific age group, then those are the ages that can attend.  This is determined by the vendor.  We do our best to balance out those types of age-specific trips.

Can I get my name on a waitlist for closed field trips?

Yes, please email Agigail Mankiewicz, or Parent Support, Include the following: TF Name, Family Name, Student Names and Grades, Number of Additional Tickets for Parents and Siblings, Parent Email, and Parent Phone Number.

Can I reserve a spot and let you know later in the day if our family is attending?

Please always sign up for a trip with the intention of attending.  If something comes up and you know for sure that you cannot attend, please let the coordinator know as soon as possible.

I accidentally requested three additional tickets. However, I only need two. Who should I notify?

If you sign up for the incorrect amount of tickets, you can always adjust the amount when it is time to pay.

Can I show up to a field trip that I didn't sign up for and see if there are extra tickets that we can use?

Unfortunately, no. You must sign up and be notified of your spot on the field trip to attend. Due to the circumstances relating to payment of field trips and occurrences of waitlists, we cannot give unused tickets to other Sage Oak families.

I see that you offer a second field trip to the same location. Can I attend the same trip twice?

If you already attended the field trip the first time, then you cannot sign up for the same field trip the second time it is offered. The multiple field trip offering is to accomodate as many different Sage Oak families as possible, so many students can experience the trip. If there ends up being extra spots available an email will be sent out to all families again, and at that time, you may sign up.

Can I show up with more family members for the field trip and they can just pay regular price?

This depends on the type of field trip. If the field trip is a general admission style field trips, such as admission to the zoo or aquarium, then you can check in with the school and obtain your tickets and your additional family members can pay regular admission into the venue. If this is a Sage Oak specific event, such as a guided tour in a museum or class set up for Sage Oak students only, then additional family members cannot be added, as this is not a general admission field trip. If you have a question about a specific trip, please contact Abbey Mankiewicz,

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