Math Art Studio: Blending Creativity and Mathematical Thinking (Quarter 4)

Calling all young artists and mathematicians! Join us in this unique class where we blend the wonders of art and the magic of math. Discover how shapes, patterns, and symmetry intertwine as we create mesmerizing artwork, unlocking the secrets of geometry through creative expression. Get ready to paint, draw, and sculpt your way to a deeper understanding of both art and math, and watch your imagination soar to new heights! In this class, students will combine right brain and left brain learning through math centered art projects. Students will learn grade level math concepts each week while completing an engaging art project! This class is great for kids who love math, art or both! Remember…. there is no art without math.

Course Information

  • Teacher: Mankiewicz, Abbey
  • Cost: $75
  • Quarter: q4

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