“Knots and Nails: Kids’ Yarn Art Extravaganza”

This captivating art class is designed for accomplished young artists who are ready to elevate their creative skills to new heights. We will explore the fusion of nails and yarn to craft intricate, visually stunning string art masterpieces. Students will learn the art of strategic nail placement, where every nail is meticulously positioned to create the foundation for their intricate designs. With a hammer in hand, they’ll bring their visions to life by interlacing an array of colorful yarn, producing mesmerizing patterns that showcase their artistic flair.
As students work on their projects, they will hone their fine motor skills, patience, and attention to detail. Each masterpiece will stand as a testament to their dedication and creativity, reflecting the time-honored art of string craftsmanship.

Course Information

  • Teacher: McDonald, June
  • Quarter: q1

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