Fiction Addiction (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone) (Quarter 3)

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone! Join our captivating class designed as we embark on a spellbinding journey through the pages of J.K. Rowling’s magical masterpiece. Through immersive readings, interactive discussions, and engaging activities, young wizards and witches will unravel the mysteries of Hogwarts, explore fantastical creatures, and uncover the power of friendship and bravery. Get ready to be captivated by the magic, suspense, and wonder of the Harry Potter series, as we dive headfirst into a world where anything is possible. Enroll now and let your imagination soar to new heights!

Course Information

  • Teacher: Berry, Melanie
  • Cost: $75
  • Quarter: q3

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