Nov. 13, 2019

Sage News: Week of November 12, 2019

YUP - Available to 8th graders
We currently have 200 unused licenses for YUP so we have opened it up to all 8th graders regardless of what math the student is taking. Please contact your TF/EA for directions on how to sign up! We encourage you to take advantage of this great math resource.  It’s like having your own private tutor for math available day and night!
Click the link below for more information about YUP:
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Dual Enrollment Webinar - THIS THURSDAY!
Our Secondary Education department’s Dual Enrollment Day Webinar is this Thursday, November 14th at 1 pm! We will explain the process of enrolling in courses at a community college and highlight community colleges in a variety of areas.
Click on the button below to sign up:
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Successful Teaching Strategies 
In the interest of supporting our parents as we partner with you in educating your children, we wanted to offer you the opportunity to view the following recorded training. These strategies are actually a valuable resource for teaching all students, with or without learning difficulties, and we hope you will find them useful.

Click the link below to view the recorded training:
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Math Matters
In this month’s November's issue of Math Matters, we highlight an inspiring TEDx Talk on the Five Principles of Extraordinary Math Instruction by Dan Finkel. In this short video, he challenges us to take 5 easy steps to make math instruction relevant, encouraging, and, hopefully, even FUN! We hope you take a few minutes to watch this video and see how you might apply these principles to your math instruction at home.
Click the link below to view the November Issue of Math Matters:
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