Aug. 26, 2019

Sage News: Week of August 26, 2019

Sage News: Week of August 26, 2019
Back to School Helpful Hints

Instructional Funds
Instructional funds will be released on the first day of school, Tuesday, September 3rd. To view your student’s instructional funds balance visit your OPS Parent Account.

Click the button below for login instructions:

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September Socials

Are you ready to dive into success this school year? Join us for a September Sage Oak Social in your area! Participate in a hands-on tide pool experience, visit vendor booths, and take your 2019-20 school photos. 

Click the button below for dates and more information:
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Field Trips
It's time to plan for your favorite field trips! Check out our 2019-20 field trip list and mark your calendars. Once they are released, you can sign up to attend.Click here to view our field trip login and sign-up instructions. 
Website Updates
Parent-Student Portal
Sign in by typing your teacher's name here.
Vendor Search
New and improved user-friendly vendor search tool. Click here to check it out.
Lending Library
We are excited to announce we will be offering an online library system this year! We are very busy in the development phase right now and hope to launch this winter. Due to the development of this project, the lending library will not be at the Sage Oak Socials this year. More information on this online lending library will be announced as we get closer to its launch date!
2019-20 School Subscriptions
Please reach out to your teacher if you would like access to the
subscriptions that correspond with your student's grade level.