Frequently Asked Questions

What is a vendor?

A vendor is an individual or company that supplies products or provides educational services for our students. These materials and/or services may be paid for using the student’s instructional funds which are provided by the school if the materials/services are in alignment with their personalized learning plan/standards and if they are approved by their teacher of record and the school. There are two types of vendors. 

    • EMR (education material resource) vendors provide products such as books, supplies, subscription kits, field trip kits. 
    • VCI (vendor course instruction) vendors provide services such as tutoring, art, and music lessons.
How do I become a vendor?

In order to become a vendor an application request must be filled out. The school will review the application request and based on your submission the school will decide to either approve or deny a request for an application. A vendor will be notified via email if the vendor application is approved.

Documentation required in the vendor application:

    • EMR Vendor - a current W-9 form
    • VCI Vendor - a current W-9 form, DOJ cleared background check (LiveScan) for each instructor interacting with a student or proof of an ORI number, proof of business liability insurance
What relationship does a vendor have with Sage Oak?
The vendor delivers products/services not available or incidental to the school's operations. However, Sage Oak retains complete control and is solely responsible for the student's educational program. A vendor's policies and practices reflect this through:
- Title/Position: All vendors providing services are considered instructors and/or tutors. All Sage Oak students, upon enrollment, are assigned a credentialed Sage Oak teacher who is solely responsible for the student's progress towards state standards, assigning academic credit, and assigning attendance credit.
- Grades: Official grading of student work and official report card grades are the responsibility of the student's Sage Oak teacher.
- Attendance: Any attendance tracking done by the vendor is solely for payment purposes in relation to the Purchase Order. Attendance credit is deteremined by the Sage Oak teacher in alignment with school policy and state law.
- Meetings: Any meetings between the vendor and student are within the scope of instruction outlined on the Purchase Order. The Sage Oak teacher of record meets with the student to review and establish learning objectives.
Why do I need a website as a vendor?

Your vendor website is a very important part of being a vendor with Sage Oak! The website is used in our vendor approval process, as well as our PO approval process. Our teachers, educational services team, and vendor services team visit vendor websites often to verify pricing, class dates and descriptions, and to review the services and materials offered. It is important to keep your website up to date on all the materials or services you offer our families.

Why is it important to be approved with other charter schools?

By definition - independent contractors customarily engage in an independently established trade, occupation, or business of the same nature as the work performed for the hiring entity (Sage Oak). Therefore, it is best that your services not be exclusive to Sage Oak, rather utilized by other charters as well as the general public.

How do I properly fill out a W9?
It is very important that you fill out a W9 form properly. Sage Oak uses the information on this form to report your income to the IRS under the correct Tax Identification Number (TIN). It is best that you consult a tax professional and/or refer to the IRS form instructions on how to best fill out a W9. Sage Oak is by no means a tax pro, however, please see below for somehelpful tips as well as correct and incorrect examples of a W9:
  1. Never leave Line 1 blank; line 2 can be left blank.
  2. The Tax Identification Number (TIN) in Part I must either be your Social Security Number or your Employee Identification Number (EIN); both should not be filled in.
  3. The Tax ID name on line 1 must always properly reflect your TIN.
    1. If Line 1 is a personal name, the TIN must be your SSN. A personal tax name requires a personal tax number.
    2. If Line 1 is a business name, the TIN must be an EIN.
What is a Purchase Order (PO)?

A PO is a document created by the school that outlines either the product to be ordered or the service to be provided to the student. A PO will be sent to the vendor once the products/services have been approved for purchase by the school. All products and services must be consented by a PO first or the vendor forfeits their right to be paid by the school. All invoicing done by the vendor must match the content of the PO. A vendor’s acceptance of a PO is an agreement to the school’s Terms & Conditions. For a visual please review our Life Cycle of a Purchase Order.

How do I receive a Purchase Order (PO)?

IMPORTANT NOTE: The core majority of our vendors are direct referrals by parents and teachers from the school. Teachers work with their students to create a curriculum course plan that meets CA state standards. In an effort to support the student’s personalized learning plan for the school year, the teacher will (1) find an active vendor from the approved vendor list (Sage Oak List) (2) create a PO for specific services or products (3) put the order through the school’s process for educational approval. Once these steps are complete, the PO is emailed to the approved vendor.

How do teachers, parents, and students know about me as a vendor?

The school’s vendor search tool on the website is used to find current active vendors. This search tool offers our families a few different methods to search for approved vendors.  These search fields are partly populated by the Vendor Informational Sheet completed as part of the vendor approval process.

    • The title or keyword search, which pulls information from the vendor name and internal vendor notes in OPS.
    • The location search, which searches for vendors based on the city, county, or zip code in which they reside.
    • The subject search, which allows families to search for vendors based on which subject they are categorized under in OPS.
    • The type search, which allows them to differentiate between product and service vendors. 

All search methods can be used simultaneously to further refine results. In addition, search results are plotted in real time on a Google based map as pins which can be clicked to get directions to a vendor via Google Maps.

What if I have been Livescanned in the past? Do I need to do it again?

Yes. Individuals who interact with or engage with our students are required to have fingerprint clearance from the CA Dept. of Justice (DOJ). The school does not have the ability to access the results of your past Live Scans completed under another agency, employer, or state. The only exception is if you or your organization have an ORI number or if you are an active vendor with Excel Charter Academy - in that instance you would not need to undergo another Live Scan.

Why do I need commercial liability insurance?

Sage Oak requires providers of products and services to carry insurance to protect themselves from exposure to liability arising from the provision of such goods and services. Exposure arises from the possibility of loss and the probable severity of injuries or property damage if a loss occurs. NOTE: Once a vendor is paid for services they are a business; homeowners liability policies do not cover commercial activity.

How do I get paid?

An invoice must be submitted in order for payment to be rendered. Once the invoice is received and verified - it will be processed for payment via direct deposit.

How do I submit an invoice?
  • OPS - Sage Oak’s invoicing platform for vendors. If you are an active vendor and do not have access to OPS feel free to request your login information by sending an email to 
  • EMAIL/FAX - invoice to Sage Oak’s Accounts Payable Dept. ( Fax number (888) 241-6118. Please note that all invoices MUST include payable information that (1) matches the W-9, (2) includes the purchase order number, (3) the description of the services/products provided, and (4) if applicable, the month they are servicing the student.
  • MAIL - The last way to submit your invoice if the first two options are reasonably burdensome is to mail it to the main office: 1473 Ford Street Suite 105, Redlands, CA 92373.
How soon will I get paid?

Material vendors are paid within 30 days after all products on the PO/invoice are received. Service vendors are paid within 30 days after the invoice has been received.

Do I receive a tax form at the end of the year?

Yes. All vendors are independent contractors and are eligible to receive a 1099-MISC Form to report their income. However, only vendors that have the appropriate tax classification and incur a revenue of $600 or more in a fiscal year will receive a 1099-MISC form.

What are Sage Oak Socials?

Sage Oak Socials are hosted at various parks throughout Southern California. They are events created for Sage Oak students to be able to participate in various social and educational activities while interacting with other students. The mobile lending library is in attendance at these events to provide our families with materials that have been returned to the office and to collect materials that need to be returned. Vendors are welcome to reach out to the vendor services team at if they are interested in attending in order to build relationships with our families and promote themselves  General Sage Oak Social Flyer. In order to advertise to Sage Oak students, vendors may send flyers to

How do I renew my status as a vendor each year?

A vendor would need to once again acknowledge and agree to our Terms & Conditions, provide an updated W-9, and furnish proof of current liability insurance.

What amount of instructional funds (IFs) is my child provided?

All students grades K-8 are provided an amount of $2,700.00 each year to use towards their learning. All students grades 9-12 are provided an amount of $3,200.00 each year to use towards their learning.

What if my child enrolls after the school year begins? Do they get a prorated amount?

Yes. A student based on their grade level and enrollment date will receive a prorated instructional fund amount.

How quickly can a prospective vendor be approved?

Approval turnaround time varies from vendor to vendor. Material vendors tend to be approved quicker due to less requirements. Service vendor approvals depend on the vendor’s ability to produce the necessary requirements. Live Scan results tend to take 3-5 days to be received from the DOJ.

How do I begin services with an approved Sage Oak vendor?

An approved purchase order (PO) must be created before services begin with a vendor. Any services that presume the creation of a Sage Oak approved PO will be the sole responsibility of the parent to pay to the vendor. Please contact either your Teacher Facilitator (TF) or Education Advisor (EA) to create a PO. The PO will then be submitted to the vendor as a promise of payment by Sage Oak.

Why can’t I know why my requested vendor was denied?

Specific reasons for denial of an application are confidential due to the privacy of the vendor and Sage Oak. In reviewing a vendor's application - Sage Oak does assess vendor risk in priority of student safety, complies with all guidelines for background checks, and screens for the educational efficacy of all vendors. Sage Oak also strives to promote parent/student choice while balancing a vendor list that reflects positively on our vendor dept., Sage Oak as a school, and CA charter schools as a whole.

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