Curriculum and Checklists

The TFs/EAs at Sage Oak are here to help you choose curriculum and resources to make your educational journey a success. To help you get started, you can review the checklists and recommended curriculum below.

TK-3rd Grade Recommended Curriculum and Checklist

4th-6th Grade Recommended Curriculum and Checklist

7th-8th Grade Recommended Curriculum and Checklist

High School Recommended Curriculum and Checklist

Curriculum Comparison Charts by Subject

Please note that the vendor who created these charts (Rainbow Resource) sells religious curriculum, which Sage Oak cannot purchase. The charts clearly note what is religious and what is not.

Parent-Teacher Trainings

In the interest of supporting our parent-teachers, we have provided videos to assist in providing your children with the best educational practices possible.

Home Educating Environment

Setting up a home-educating environment in your home that works for you and your child(ren) is an important best practice for home-educating. Take a look at some actual home-educating environments from our own TFs/EAs that home-educate their child(ren).

If you would like to film your home-educating environment for us to share here, please follow these guidelines:

*Email the completed video and release form to Jamee Block, Please note that due to storage size, we may not be able to post all videos submitted.

Home Educating Best Practices

Home-educating your child(ren) can be an overwhelming task to begin. We have come up with some best practices for your home educating environment to help with the process.

Home Educating Planner

Sage Oak has teamed up with Etsy designer Sarah Gilcher of Perennial Planner and we have created a free homeschool planner download!

The elements of the planner can be accessed by following this link. She also created a monthly and weekly calendar set for us and those can be accessed by following this link.

The elements are all in individual files, so you can download and print only the items that will pertain to you and your children. Some of the elements are also editable online.

The included elements are:

If you plan to utilize this planner, please make sure to reference the Terms of Use and Instructions document in the folder from Perennial Planner. This will help you to download, edit, and/or print the items.