Mail Based Subscription Curriculum

Help bring learning to life with some of our fun and educational subscription vendors! These can be purchased with your instructional funds.

Below are the 2020-2021 School Provided Subscriptions and corresponding grade levels:

* Available to Title 1 students with special needs and those Title 1 students who are not having academic success in math after participating in the intervention program.

** These subscriptions will be used for students who qualify for Title 1 funding.  Please check your roster to see which students might qualify.

*** Zearn math is a free subscription that parents can sign up for at any time. We will be providing support to teachers for Zearn math in addition to the other paid for school subscriptions.

Brain Pop family tutorial  
MobyMax family tutorial 
Science4Us Webinar
Gizmos Webinar and Gizmos overview video for students
Zearn webinar walkthrough