What is Personalized Learning?

Personalized learning is individualized, customized education. Sage Oak is an independent study option for grades TK-12 that provides an alternative to the traditional one-size fits all learning approach. Sage Oak believes that students can be educated with a learning style that fits their needs.

What Does Personalized Learning Look Like?

A Teacher Facilitator (TK-7)/Education Advisor (8-12) will support your family, helping assess your child’s needs, style and special interests. Sage Oak  uses a multi-layer selection process in choosing our TFs/EAs, for excellence and continuity. Your highly qualified and credentialed TF/EA will come alongside you and your child to provide guidance and encouragement.

The options are endless for your child. A student’s educational plan is completely tailored to the student’s needs, interests and strengths. The day to day learning and instruction will look different for each student. The instruction can be by the parent, through online programs, or the student could attend a local vendor class.

Your Teacher Facilitator/Education Advisor is there to serve your family. They are passionate about creating a personalized educational experience and meeting your child’s individual educational needs.

Learning Periods

Meetings with the parent/guardian, student, and Teacher Facilitator (TF)/Education Advisor (EA) are held once every learning period, which is a twenty day period. TFs/EAs will meet with students after the learning period ends to review learning objectives and progress from the previous learning period as well as to plan the next learning period. This meeting is also a time when your TF/EA will provide in-person/virtual support to meet your educational and personal goals.

Enrollment and Teacher Facilitator Requests

Students will be placed with the Teacher Facilitator/Education Advisor they request as long as the Teacher Facilitator/Education Advisor has available space when the student is ready to be assigned. 

Getting Started with Home Education

Parents who choose to home educate their child are embarking on an amazing and rewarding journey. We know the amount of hard work and dedication it takes to home educate and we want our parents to feel supported to get started in this endeavor. If you are new to homeschooling or are in need of some fresh ideas, please check out the following video resources.