Find a Vendor Near Your Home 

Espatial is an interactive map tool that allows you to search for vendors in a specific area.  You are able to widen or lessen your search area to find all the vendors that work in the area of your needs. To view the Espatial map, click the button below. 

Become a Vendor 


To use this map follow the simple steps below:

View a larger version of VCI Vendors created with eSpatial mapping software.

Approved Vendor Search

To search for a vendor with specific products or services, try using the All Vendors "Search" button to pull up the vendor list and use your embedded computer "find on page" feature to type in a key word you are searching for as you scroll through the pages. For example, click on the top All Vendors "Search" button, use CTRL F (on a PC) or Command F (on a Mac) and type in "math" to scroll through all vendors selling math related services or products.

Search Tips: You can search for a vendor by name using the "Indicate vendor's starting letter". Scroll through the list or use your embedded computer "find on page" feature to type in the name of the vendor you are searching for.


Vendor Approval Status

Below is a list of vendors that have been approved by Sage Oak. The list will be updated each day to reflect approved new vendors. If you do not see a particular vendor and you would like to request them, you may request a vendor packet be sent from Sage Oak.