Customized Education

The customized education approach to homeschooling is when families take parts of various philosophies and piece them together to create what works best for their family and their children.

A family may find that they may be drawn to one approach when focusing on math, however, when it comes to English Language Arts, they may favor a different approach. Additionally, one approach may work for one child, whereas that same approach may not work for another child, so the parent chooses a different model for that child.

The customized education approach is a way to teach to the individual child based on their needs, interests, learning style, and educational plan.

If this approach sounds favorable, begin by researching the various specific philosophies. When reviewing each philosophy, note what you like or do not like about that approach. Through this process, you can see what your own customized education will look like in your home.

Your assigned TF is there to help you in developing your Customized Education approach as well.  Our TFs are credentialed teachers who are trained on various philosophies, learning styles, and curricula and are there to be your support.