Charlotte Mason Model

The Charlotte Mason model of education is based on the writings of the British educator, Charlotte Mason. It is a child-centered, literature-based educational model that aims to lead children to a lifelong love of learning.

Her approach is based on the idea that children's minds are not empty and need to be filled with knowledge. Instead children are seen as naturally curious, capable, and eager to learn. Children are respected, trusted, and encouraged to think and participate in learning.

Charlotte Mason's approach requires children's involvement with real things in real-life situations. Students are provided time to discover, think, play, and create. The students' knowledge is fed through interaction with a wide variety of quality educational materials. The importance of good character is also stressed. Children are trained to develop good habits, thoughtfulness, responsibility, attentiveness, and self-discipline.

This model stresses that students be exposed to real, "living", whole books that are well written, engaging, and fact-based. Students are trained to participate in narration activities in which they tell back what they have learned. This method of narration is believed to develop reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and improve the students' abilities to comprehend and retain information.
Children are taught to read, write, and do math. They study history, science, geography, art, literature, and the humanities through literature. Typical learning activities include nature walks, observing and collecting natural things, visits to museums and art galleries, field trips, exposure to quality music, journal keeping, copy work, dictation, poetry, reading, narration, various writing activities, drawing, open discussions with teachers/parents, and more.

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Key Elements for Choosing Charlotte Mason Education

A strong literature-based educational philosophy. History is taught through quality literature and science is taught through nature study. This method is more of a lifestyle, in addition to educational philosophy. Students will be the catalyst for learning and exploration.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Charlotte Mason Education

This philosophy is heavy in reading (read aloud and independent reading).

Field trips, nature studies are a large part of this method.

Implementation Notes

This philosophy is not paper-based, especially in the beginning years. There is a lot of discussion and exploration. This might be a challenge to some families, as samples are needed for Sage Oak Charter School. You can work with your TF on the best way to create work samples for submittal.

Day to Day Notes

These elements would be included in the day-to-day teaching using this method.