Sage Oak Online Courses

Most Sage Oak online courses use StrongMind curriculum. StrongMind is an award-winning online curriculum for students in 6th - 12th grades. The online curriculum is paired with once-a-week, live-online enrichment sessions with a credentialed Sage Oak teacher who will also provide curriculum support, grading/feedback and weekly office hours.  

Grades: 6th - 12th

Subjects: English, History, Science, Math, Spanish, and Electives

Cost: $250 per course per semester. 

Note: The weekly live-online session is highly encouraged but OPTIONAL. It will be recorded and archived in the class library for viewing at a later date or referencing later in the class.

Sage Oak Charter School's UC a-g course list serves as an official record to fulfill a-g categories on secondary school transcripts. Sage Oak is a WASC accredited institution.  

Our Sage Oak online teachers also offer K-8 courses. These courses do not count for high school credit and are taught once a week each semester.

Grades: K - 8th

Subjects: Math Workshop (Thursdays at 12 pm), Science Labs (TBD), Financial Literacy (Wednesdays at 9 am), Saxon 5/6 (on demand), Enrichment Art (Thursdays at 1 pm), Careers in Art (Thursdays at 10 am), Photography (Thursdays at 11 am), Conversational Spanish ( K-2nd at 9 am, 3-5th at 10 am and 6th - 8th at 11 am), Hour of Coding (Thursdays at 2 pm).

Cost: $125 per course per semester.

Meet our Single-Subject Teachers

Meet the teachers behind online classes at Sage Oak. Click here to read our teacher biographies. 

Shauna Abullarde - Spanish        Lauren Holman - Social Studies          Tammy Mullins - English                   

    Gloria Ching - Science                    Yolanda Hedtke - Math                 Danielle Pahmeier - Music

Advanced Options 

For students who would benefit from a more challenging/college prep route, we offer the following web-based Advanced Placement® courses:

As an accredited institution, Sage Oak Charter School's authorized AP® Course Ledger serves as an official record to use the AP® designation on secondary school transcripts.

Online Class Schedule