For the student who prefers a textbook-based experience, Sage Oak Charter School provides:

Sage Oak Charter School offers various options that include:

Classical Method

The classical method is a favorite of many homeschooling families.  The high school stage of the classical method is often referred to as the rhetoric stage. This is when the student focuses on the science of communication and the art of expression. The courses will help the student to explore, understand, theorize, and form opinions and arguments. The history, science, and English courses will be interdisciplinary and allow for a cohesive learning experience.  Sage Oak Charter School offers web-based classical education choices as well as Sage Oak Charter School print-based courses.


Sage Oak offers the following web-based classical education options:


Sage Oak Charter School has developed a 9th - 12th-grade course plan for the classical model. These print-based courses are a favorite among Classical Method co-ops!