If you’re deciding to begin your child’s independent study education, it’s important to choose a program that provides the highest quality education and support. At Sage Oak Charter School, we strive to create a personalized educational environment that helps students from TK to 12th grade develop a love of learning. We are a public charter school program for families seeking a non-traditional, personalized educational experience.

The Benefits of Choosing an Independent Study

There are incredible benefits in choosing an independent study education for your student. With independent study, your child is able to learn at his or her own pace. Through this method, they can gain confidence, responsibility, and invaluable time management skills—while being guided by a credentialed educator.

Because students work on their own and not in a shared classroom, they receive personalized, one-on-one attention. Their curriculum can easily be adjusted to fit their progress. If a child is quickly grasping one subject matter, their education in that area can be accelerated. If they are struggling in another subject, they can spend more time in that area until they fully comprehend that material.

We offer parents the unique opportunity to create an educational program that is personalized to their student. You have the opportunity to shape your child’s education by deciding what, when, and how your child learns. You create a schedule that works best for your student and family. Learning schedules can also be customized to adapt to your child’s outside passions and commitments, like sports, music, or dance. 

You can also choose the curriculum and resources to make school fun for your student by tailoring their education to their learning style, interests, talents, and academic abilities in experiential, exciting, and interactive ways. At Sage Oak Charter School we offer various activities such as horseback riding, dance, music, and martial arts to help spark your child’s interest and foster their love of learning. 

How Independent Study at Sage Oak Charter School Works 

True to homeschool, or independent methods of study, parents choose the curriculum for their students. You are free to mix and match the course material and resources to create a program that matches the needs, expectations, and difficulty for your student in each subject area.

Through our program, parents work with their Education Specialist to purchase educational resources and materials for their child from approved vendors using Instructional Funds provided by Sage Oak Charter School. These resources give you the ability to build a truly customized learning experience for your student. 

You will be assigned a highly qualified, credentialed educator to help guide your curriculum choices. Students enrolled in TK-8 will receive a Teacher Facilitator (TF), and students in 9-12 grade will receive the support of an Education Advisor (EA). This credentialed teacher will assess your child’s needs, learning style, and special interests to create and implement a personalized educational program that best suits your student and all of his or her pursuits.

Day-to-day instruction is completed by the parent through online learning programs, or through an in-person class conducted by a local vendor. Your TF or EA will then meet with you and your student once every 20-day learning period. During this meeting, they’ll discuss your child’s progress and provide in-person support. They’ll also review the learning objectives from past and future learning periods to ensure they are meeting state education requirements. 

Why Choose Sage Oak Charter School For Your Independent Study San Diego Program 

Sage Oak Charter School is one of the best Independent Studies San Diego has to offer. We aim to remove the stress from your child’s educational experience so that your child can attain their personal academic goals on their own terms. We offer unique support and resources to help you feel confident in your child’s education and to help your child succeed. 

Your Teacher Facilitator or Education Advisor plays a key role in making sure your student is getting the most out of his or her independent studies. Most importantly, they come alongside you to support and encourage you every step of the way. 

Get Started at Sage Oak Charter School 

Enrollment at Sage Oak Charter School is available to all students living in San Diego County. Visit our enrollment page to begin your child’s education with Sage Oak Charter School.

At Sage Oak Charter School, we are heavily invested in building an exceptional educational environment for both you and your student. To request more information on Sage Oak Charter School’s independent study programs in San Diego, please contact parent support by calling 888-435-4445 or emailing registrar@sageoak.education.