Oakschool offers fun, engaging enrichment classes for all TK-8th grade students. Whether you're searching for a Judy Blume book club for your 2nd grader, Minecraft Math for your 5th grader, or May the Force Be With You physics class for your 8th grader, Oakschool has exciting 9-week enrichment course opportunities for all!



Enrollment Dates
Quarter 1/Semester 1: Open enrollment from August 15th through August 23rd

Quarter 2: Dates coming soon!

Quarter 3/Semester 2: Dates coming soon!

Quarter 4: Dates coming soon!

Quarterly sessions (9 weeks)
Quarter 1: September 9th through November 11th

Quarter 2: November 7th through January 27th

Quarter 3: January 30th through March 31st

Quarter 4: April 4th through June 9th

*There are a few semester-long middle school math courses from 9/9/22 - 1/27/23

Course Fees * instructional funds
All Oakschool courses for our Personalized Learning Academy students will be paid for with student Instructional Funds (IFs). Courses cannot be paid for with out-of-pocket funds. If you are unsure of your child's IF balance, please confirm with your child's teacher prior to enrolling in any courses. *Virtual Learning Academy students may enroll in Monday courses at no cost.


9-week enrichment courses cost $75

Semester-long courses cost $150

Sage Stage

Live Event Days Offered


About Sage Stage



Sage Oak invites all students to attend the "Sage Stage" speaker series. A different educational speaker will be featured each week. 

Sage Stage Links

To join the Sage Stage each Friday at 9 am, use the link bit.ly/joinsagestage and the passcode sagestage.

FAQs & Feedback

About AB-130

On July 9, 2021, Governor Newsom signed and approved the education budget trailer bill AB-130. The final version of this bill includes language specific to independent study programs that impacted Sage Oak in the upcoming 2021-22 school year.

The following summary outlines the actions that all schools like Sage Oak must take before the first day of school. 

  • Offer daily and/or weekly synchronous instruction - The school will be required to offer both daily live interaction/synchronous instruction and/or weekly synchronous instruction for all pupils (depending on grade level) throughout the school year. The student's supervising teacher must complete this, and student attendance is encouraged but not required.
  • New requirements for board policies - Requires local independent study board policies to include new elements related to the quality of the program. This includes updating tiered re-engagement strategies to include students with a lack of attendance due to missed school meetings and lack of work and students not making satisfactory educational progress.
  • New requirements for written agreements (Master Agreements) - Requires written agreements to contain provisions addressing communicating academic progress with parents/guardians, provision of connectivity/devices adequate to participate in the educational program, and a statement detailing academic and other supports for students not performing at grade level.
  • Reporting for daily participation - Requires schools to report student attendance at daily and/or weekly live synchronous instruction and engagement opportunities.