Western Science Center

Jan. 15, 2020 | 9:00am

Western Science Center
2345 Searl Parkway
Hemet, CA 92543

Release Date November 7

All grade levels will learn about the sciences of archaeology, paleontology, and ecology. Students will learn about scientific processes and the technology involved in exploration and discovery. Discover the science and culture of our region! The giant Geological Timeline, leading into the Museum entrance, helps teach concepts of time and changes in life on Earth. The Hall of Archaeology introduces students to the earliest local residents and settlers (prehistoric to early 1900s). An Immersion Theater shows the animated film “Echoes of the Past,” as well as “Discovery and Recovery,” a short documentary about the archaeology and paleontology discoveries found during the Diamond Valley Lake Project. The Snapshots in Time exhibit hall contains real and replica fossils for students to learn from. Interactive displays teach them about dating fossils and how archaeologists and paleontologists work in the field and lab. Outside, students can visit the Simulated Dig Site and Mystic*, a 3-5 million year old whale fossil found in Santa Cruz. *Mystic may be covered and not available for viewing during, or in anticipation of inclement weather.

Students will also participate in 30 minute Discovery Lab, where Individual lab trays give each student the opportunity to sift through matrix to search for and identify real marine fossils (e.g. shark teeth) using tools such as brushes, tweezers, magnifying glasses, and screens.  Children under 4 years are NOT allowed in the lab.  If you plan to bring young children you must plan to have at least one adult attend the Discovery Lab with students.

There will be a tour at 9:30 and 1:00 pm.  You will be assigned a time after sign ups.

$10 Sage Oak Students/ $8 Siblings/$8 Adults.  Children Under 4 years Free