ONLINE Segerstrom Center for the Arts Workshop with LYNN OKIMURA (Grades 3-5)

Jan. 22, 2021 | 12:30pm

Release Date December 2

Lynn Okimura is an educator of animation and an industry professional who expands student creative thinking, expression and story ideas through various animated art forms. 

An introduction into programming through making a drawing game. Students will create a pixelated drawing on grid paper, where they will use Computational Thinking to learn how to use code to write a "computer program" that recreates their original art. Students then give their "program" to another student who will act as a computer and follow the program's instructions to re-create the image. 

Student will need the following materials (not provided):


Any kind of paper to sketch on

At least 2 flip books (self-stick notepads 3x3 or 3x5 size)

Recommended for grades 3-5. 

$10 per student or sibling