ONLINE Ocean Institute - Living Systems

Jan. 12, 2021 | 10:00am

Release Date December 2

Join us for our LIVE Living Systems Virtual Field Trip. What is a System? Join us to learn about the various living systems in the ocean. We will start by learning about the Jelly life cycle. Here at the Ocean Institute we grow our own moon jellies from larval to adults. We will go through the different life stages and the importance of each one. Next, students will observe the anatomy of a Pacific Mackerel during a dissection and discuss the different systems that make up the internal anatomy. Lastly, with our knowledge about moon jellies and living systems we will build a food chain from top to bottom and discuss the importance of the different trophic levels. At the end we will have time for the students to ask an Ocean Institute team member questions!

Students will also have access to a 10 week virtual learning course that you can use any time!

Recommended for grades 4-8

$12 per student or sibling