ONLINE Ocean Institute - Renewable Energy

Jan. 13, 2021 | 2:00pm

Release Date December 2

What is renewable energy, how can we use it, and is it better than non-renewable energy sources? Learn about ocean acidification and why renewable energy is becoming a more popular topic worldwide. Next we will test Bernoulli’s principle and create a turbine that will generate power by lifting washers or even putting off an electrical current that can be measured. Lastly, students will help build a solar car with limited supplies. Our challenge is to engineer a car that will harness energy from the sun to move. We will test different models to see which one works best. At the end we will have time for the students to ask an Ocean Institute team member questions!

Students will also have access to a 10 week virtual learning course that you can use any time!

Recommended for grades 8-12

$12 per student or sibling