Olivia Medina: Writer, Actress, Athlete Nov. 3, 2017

Olivia Medina: Writer, Actress, Athlete

Eighth grade Sage Oak student, Olivia Medina, is growing in many ways this year! In addition to landing a movie role, she is currently writing her own script for a short film. She has always loved writing, and the script writing class she is taking has motivated her even more! She is really looking forward to filming her own short movie and what this could bring her in the future. In fact, she is already planning to take a Novel in a Year course next year as a ninth grader, so that she can write her first novel as well. Olivia is a very talented young lady whose love for reading, writing, and all things academic shines in all she does. The flexibility of tailoring her classes to meet her busy schedule has enabled her to take a high school math course this year so that she can grow academically and spend time refining her acting skills through a variety of daily classes as well. In addition to acting, she has also grown in her love for athletics, particularly aerial classes through Sage Oak approved vendor, Hugo's gym fitness and dancing classes through Sage Oak approved vendor, Burbank First Academy. This is one motivated and talented young lady!