Feb. 18, 2020

Sage News: Week of February 10, 2020

President's Day - February 17th
This is a reminder that Sage Oak is closed next Monday, February 17th in observance of President's Day.

Black History Month
February is Black History Month! Commemorate this month with lessons on culture and change, the Underground Railroad, music and art. Click the link to view resources and lessons that can be adapted for all grade levels.
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100th Day of School - February 12th!
How are you celebrating our 100th Day of School on Wednesday, February 12th? Share your photos with us on social media using #SageOak100thDay.


Need ideas? Try these fun and simple activities. 

💯Complete a 100-piece jigsaw puzzle.
💯Decorate the front of 100 blank postcards and send them to friends and relatives.
💯Make a paper chain with 100 pieces of paper.
💯Do 100 exercises, such as jumping jacks, push-ups, and sit-ups.
💯Visit a centenarian.
💯Dress up like you're 100 years old.
💯Print 100 words and see if you can make a storybook from them.

Sage Oak hosted its annual STEM day. Students from all grades presented well-researched science fair topics and families and students enjoyed engaging, hands-on science and technology activities. Congratulations to our grade level winners and thank you to all our student participants for your hard work and effort! 

Science Fair Winners:
1st Place: Kyrie Inman - Gummy Bear Growth Osmosis Experiment
2nd Place: Lydia Hurst - Amazing Art Bots
3rd Place: Bella Salcedo - Candy Cane Science

1st Place: Eli Hurst -Just How Much Candy Did You Eat?
2nd Place: Owen Murrieta - Chaos or Chemistry?
3rd Place: Arianna Rivero - Rethink What You Drink

1st Place: Elianna Gutierrez - What's In Your Food??
2nd Place: Asher Jones - What Source Produces The Most Power?
3rd Place: Abigail Suen - Nails for Breakfast?

1st Place: Abby Hurst - Magnet Mystery: How Does Temperature Affect Magnet Strength
2nd Place: Audrey Lawrence - Harmful or Helpful? The Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide on Seed Germination
3rd Place: Ryan Seheult - How do lights affect photosynthesis in plants? 

1st Place: Isaiah Salcedo - Robotics and aerospace
2nd Place: Luke Eriksen - The battle between the microwave and the stovetop for better health
3rd Place: Rachel Oligny - Quit Being a Cry Baby!

High School: 
1st Place: Wilson Tallant - How light color affects plant health
2nd Place: Audrey Kim - Think Fast!
3rd Place: Samuel Rapske - How does planting different types of plants close together affect their growth?

Counseling: Group Counseling & Office Hours
Sage Oak's school counselor, Allie Whalen, will be starting 5-week counseling groups addressing the topics of stress & anxiety for elementary and middle school students. If your child is interested in attending her online group counseling sessions, please fill out this interest survey

Also, beginning this month, Allie will be holding Office Hours most Fridays from 10:00-11:00 am. If you would like to schedule an appointment during this time, please complete this survey and Allie will contact you with call-in information.

Join the ELAC!
Sage Oak is seeking parent volunteers to join the ELAC (English Learner Advisory Committee)! The ELAC’s responsibility is to advise the leadership team in the development of our EL program and to help spread awareness about the importance of school attendance and completion of EL curriculum. Just four meetings a year!
Interested in joining? Please click the link below to fill out our interest form:
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Upcoming College Tours!
These upcoming college tours are open to all of our Sage Oak families. Please join us as we visit Cal State Fullerton on February 27th, UC Riverside on March 2nd, and Cal Arts on March 11th.

9th-12th Grade Cultivate and Create Winner Spotlight
This week we get to listen to the talented composition of Fatima Sullivan, a 10th grader, who entered her piece, Light and Salt. Fatima elaborates on her composition sharing, "The beginning of my song symbolizes people going with the flow of the majority of society, creating a bland and flavorless world (hence the minor key and the melancholy tune). However, the striking cadenza represents an epiphanic moment when one person realizes he/she can be the one to make the change by living his/her life in conformity with his/her beliefs."

To listen to Fatima's composition, click the link below:

Click Here

Dashboard 101
Dashboard? What is it and why does it matter? Come join us on February 20th, for Dashboard 101, a webinar explaining California’s new school accountability system.  After registering, you will receive a confirmation email with information about joining the webinar.

Dashboard 101 - 1:00 pm
Register in advance for this webinar:

Register for Dashboard 101 - 1:00 pm

Dashboard 101- 6:00 p.m.
Register in advance for this webinar:

Register for Dashboard 101 - 6:00 pm