Dec. 22, 2017

Two Sweet Sivilays

Sage Oak students, Isla Sivilay, grade two, and Neva Sivilay, grade one, are experiencing personal growth in many ways. Isla is becoming more independent in her studies, has turned into a self-starter with her school work, and loves learning and asks questions. She is beginning to love reading and is picking up books and reading by herself more and more. Isla has also shown amazing growth in playing the piano through Sage Oak approved vendor, Foxworth Music Studios. She practices independently and is responsible for knowing what to practice. She has also gone out of her comfort zone and tried gymnastics this year through Sage Oak approved vendor, Flip Fit. She has enjoyed the challenge and the progress she has made thus far. Isla also loves science and has enjoyed a science lab through Sage Oak approved vendor, Science-2-U that she is a part of this year. Isla is a joy to her family. She is creative, a hard worker, and diligent. She loves to serve and help with her siblings. Neva is picking up on concepts quickly and flies through math books. She learns so much by observation. When it comes to reading, she has an incredible memory that serves her well. She has grown athletically and excels in her gymnastics class. She has shown so much maturity this year in the classes she is a part of. She listens well and her confidence is unmatched when presenting before her peers. Neva also is doing well in Piano. Her little hands are growing and her fine motor skills are sharpening, making it more enjoyable for her. Neva is learning to work hard, has grown in bravery and trust, and has shown great leaps in habit training this year. We are excited to see where her independent spirit will take her in the future!