March 15, 2017

Theme of Service Chosen for Sage Oak's Inaugural Year

Service.... When people hear that word it often conjures up different images. People serve their communities in a variety of ways through community bake sales, recycling projects, beach clean-ups, food banks and countless other opportunities. In communities around the country, “service” takes many different forms but the goal is always the same; to enrich other people’s lives by giving of ourselves. We often don’t think about the positive impact giving to others can have on both the people that we serve and our own lives. Studies indicate that students who engage in some type of civil service achieve better in school. The Corporation for National and Community Service conducting a study on trends in youth volunteerism.The complete study can be found here.

One interesting fact noted in the study is:
“Students who report doing better in school are more likely to be volunteers than students who report doing less well, and are also more likely to have been involved in community service as part of a school activity.”

Sage Oak’s vision for our students reflects our commitment to the fostering a sense of service in our students:
Sage Oak students are intrinsically motivated learners who are well equipped for life’s challenges and serve their communities while successfully pursuing their interests with integrity.

For this, our inaugural year, the staff of Sage Oak has chosen the theme of service. So what will this year’s theme of service look like among Sage Oak students? We invite our school community to show us! This is not a school requirement or obligation. Rather, we want it to be an avenue for building a strong sense of community in all the counties that we serve. We want to hear about Sage Oak students who are already doing good things in their communities so that others might draw inspiration. Is your student planting a community garden, helping a neighbor that has come upon hard times, volunteering at a local animal shelter perhaps? Whatever the project and the motivation, let us know about it. We would love to highlight our students in the next blog! Who knows what inspiration our students will have. The teachers, administration and support staff look forward to a wonderful year for Sage Oak and look forward to being of service to our parent and student community.

"Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something."
~Author Unknown