Talent in the Chavez Family Feb. 1, 2018

Talent in the Chavez Family

The Chavez family has a lot to be proud of.  11th grade Sage Oak student, Evan Chavez, has set a goal that he is determined to achieve and conquer.  He would like to join the US Navy. Evan has already been striving to achieve his goal by participating in the USNSCC Navy Sea Cadet Program.  Evan has grown in the program as he started out as an SR (Seaman Recruit) to now having the rank of PO1 (Petty Officer 1st Class). The next rank for Evan will be CPO (Chief Petty Officer).  He has completed all levels of bookwork and training.  Evan leads his unit which is named the “Desert Storm Division” and represents them as the Color Guard Commander.  Evan has completed trainings such as RT (recruit training), Marksmanship, POLA (Petty Officer Leadership Academy), Radio Active Communications, Medical, Ceremonial Honor Guard and Sailing and Ship Building. He has also spent numerous hours volunteering in his community.  The honor is all his and he is always willing to share the knowledge he has learned through this program to anyone who asks.  Evan’s love of his country at such a young age has made this journey very special for him.  Evan’s sister and eighth grade Sage Oak student, Victoria Chavez, loves all of her classes.  She is a hard worker and shows compassion in all she does.  Victoria is interested in anything and everything that has to do with the arts.  She loves to paint, loves animals and volunteers her time at an animal shelter.  Singing, sewing and cooking also peak her interest to the fullest.  Victoria has participated in the Renaissance Pleasure Faire for the past six years. She works the faire for the entire span which lasts from March to the end of May and has enjoyed working in the Kids Kingdom with the children.  While working the faire every Saturday and Sunday, Victoria has been able to learn and focus on her love of photography, taking great pictures of all the characters that work and visit the faire. She absolutely loves it and encourages families to bring their kids to enjoy a day of "Renaissance" fun with Gnome hunt, rides, crafts, plays, and Kids Kingdom.  What an amazing family!