Oct. 12, 2017

Talk Tech with Orion Parker

Kindergarten Sage Oak student, Orion Parker, is an amazing child with a heart made of gold. Orion has many creations he is proud of that were made with the help of a laptop and a goal to create and bring to life. His face lights up when he hears that it's time for school and he takes pride in his work. He has an impatient attitude to learn more about reading so he can read books on adventure in science and space. He wants to be a science engineer. He balances guitar class, geography, math, Spanish class and projects with ease. He made a tri-fold project about the hurricanes and learned about them so he could understand what was happening to his siblings in Florida with their current weather. He learned to read within one week of beginning instruction and finds his inspiration in people who sacrifice their life for others. Miles from Tomorrowland is his favorite television show because it epitomizes a self-sacrificing space/engineering life that encompasses the future he dreams of.  His love of electronics began in infancy and he has become the mini techy of the family when adults are in need of technological help. His passion for engineering explodes on Thursday morning when he heads to his class through Sage Oak approved vendor, Engineering for Kids.  He doesn't miss an opportunity to rave about his creations in class: an alligator that chomped, a lion that roared, a bird that chirped and a boat.  All of these were made with the help of a laptop and a goal to create that which he could bring to life.  Orion’s mom notes that at the age of 5, Sage Oak has brought out the inner potential of this future innovator.