July 12, 2021

Summer Sage News: Week of July 12, 2021

Week of July 12, 2021

Are you in summer mode yet? We hope you are enjoying time with family, soaking up the sun, and spending relaxing evenings sharing stories and s'mores. Check out this week's creative learning activities and have a fantastic week!

Depth of Knowledge is important because it helps us understand the thought processes needed to understand and solve problems. One way to help students gain confidence is to give them ample thinking time. This time will help them process and organize their ideas in order to present them in an articulated manner.

    You can help by prompting students or providing them with these Depth of Knowledge question stems---the higher the level, the deeper the thinking!

    Are you ready to stretch your brain with some algebra puzzles? Try to find the values of the shapes, also known as variables! Pick the level that is just right for your student:

    The study of density is so fascinating! With this experiment, you are able to see the different densities of liquids, then test them out by adding objects. This is a popular experiment and you will find many videos online, but this one requires the most common household items and is the easiest to recreate.

    Click Here

    Social Studies
    In a time when technology and media influence our daily lives, Digital Citizenship plays an important role in how we interact with others. This infographic helps students understand and be mindful of how they consume digital media and how to engage in a positive manner.

    Elements of Digital Citizenship

    Social-Emotional Wellness
    One of the most powerful things students can do that is within their control is acknowledge and manage their emotions. This takes practice, not only when feeling sad or upset, but also when feeling happy or excited. The Mindfulness Workbook linked below provides various strategies to recognize and process these thoughts and feelings in a tangible way, perfect for kinesthetic learners! 

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    Upcoming Enrichment Workshops
    These live, virtual enrichment workshops are led by Ms. Jaimielynn Lake (you may recognize her from the Summer Bridge Book videos) and they are designed to engage students in a fun and meaningful way. Workshops are optional and you must register your student(s) ahead of time.

    THURSDAY, JULY 15, 2021

    9:00-9:45 AM
    Habits of Highly Effective Teens: Habit #2
    Register: Grades 6-8

    11:00-11:45 AM
    Grand Conversation: Piper
    Register: Grades K-2 

    12:00-12:45 PM
    Grand Conversation: Partly Cloudy
    Register: Grades 3-5

    1:00-1:45 PM
    Grand Conversation: The Present
    Register: Grades 6-8

    *A Grand Conversation is a student-led, whole-class discussion around a specific topic. This strategy differs from other types of discussions in that it is entirely student-driven, with the teacher participating as a member of the group--only intervening as needed to facilitate and scaffold the conversation.

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