Aug. 18, 2021

Sage Oak Update: August 18, 2021

i-Ready Assessment Proctoring

August 18, 2021

Dear Sage Oak families

Sage Oak teachers and staff have been working hard gearing up for the new school year! This year, we are going to kick off the year with our local i-Ready assessments. The school uses i-Ready diagnostic assessment scores as verified data for school reporting requirements. In order to gather this necessary data, the iReady diagnostic assessments will be teacher-proctored starting this year.

Before the proctoring window begins, we hope you will take advantage of an opportunity for your student to meet and greet with their teacher or education advisor (EA) and fellow Sage Oak students. On the first day of school, September 7th, your teacher/EA will offer an optional virtual meet and greet time for all students to come together and get to know each other and their teacher/EA.

Beginning September 8th, students are required to meet with their teachers on Zoom for 30-minute sessions to take their i-Ready diagnostic assessments until they have completed both the ELA and math diagnostic assessments. Your teacher or education advisor will begin each 30-minute Zoom session with an engaging and collaborative activity followed by the i-Ready assessment. 

The i-Ready proctoring window will take place every morning Monday-Friday through October 1st. We realize that there may be extenuating circumstances that prevent your students from being able to attend each daily session. Please have your student attend as many sessions as they are able and communicate with your teacher regarding any absences in order to ensure they are able to complete their i-Ready assessments during the window. By offering the proctoring sessions daily, we hope this allows ample time in the month to allow for scheduling conflicts. By the end of next week, your student’s teacher will reach out and provide a Zoom link and let you know what time their morning proctoring session will take place.  

i-Ready Diagnostic Test Schedule
September 7th
Meet & greet with your teacher/EA (Optional)
September 8th
Math Kick-off Session* (Mandatory)
September 9th - September 14th
Math i-Ready
Completion Window
September 15th
ELA Kick-off Session* (Mandatory)
September 16th - September 21st
ELA i-Ready
Completion Window
September 22nd
Make-Up Test Session
(Mandatory for students that have not finished testing)
September 23rd-October 1st
Testing Window