Jan. 4, 2022

Sage Oak Student Spotlights - Semester I

September Student Spotlight - Abby G.

Sage Oak 12th grade student, Abby G., is graduating this year. In order to learn important life skills that will set her up for success in the future, Abby, along with her parents, started a coffee cart from Able Roasters. Able Roasters helps give her an opportunity to own a business and work a job that she is capable of succeeding in. Abby will also serve her community through this new endeavor by donating 25% of the proceeds to the Terra Arts Foundation, a community that has been very welcoming to her over several years. Abby and her family are so grateful to her Sage Oak teachers, Jillian Turnbull and her SAI teacher, Gledia Migneault, for supporting her throughout her educational journey!

October Student Spotlights - Lillian A. & Jeremiah F.

Sage Oak 4th grade student, Lillian A., was awarded Third Place in the America Library of Poetry Competition for her submission titled, “Joshua Tree National Park.”

We are so thankful for our occupational therapists at Sage Oak - Ms. Lisa Colburn, Ms. Abigail Jiminez, and Ms. Candice Johnson are so important in helping our students practice and develop new skills! In honor of Occupational Therapy day, we are highlighting Sage Oak student, Jeremiah. Ms. Lisa has been working with 4th grade student, Jeremiah, to develop his writing skills. Throughout this process, Jeremiah has found a new interest in drawing! Jeremiah appreciates Ms. Lisa’s warm greetings, glowing smile, and the themed activities she plans for his weekly sessions.

November Student Spotlights - Brynlynn B. & Leanna Y.

Sage Oak 1st grade student, Brynlynn B., won Miss Exceptional Rodeo at Norco Horseweek! Brynlynn was diagnosed with Mixed Tone Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy a few days after her first birthday but her love for horses never changed. In fact, she started riding horses at just 18 months!

Leanna Y., Sage Oak 8th grade student, and level nine gymnast, recently had the opportunity to train at the University of Utah with the NCAA Pac-12 Coach of the Year, Tom Farden. She marveled at their incredible campus and appreciated the kindness of the staff and team. Thanks to the support of Leanna’s teachers and the flexibility Sage Oak offers, she currently trains 30 hours a week in her sport! She hopes to one day compete in the Olympics for team Armenia.

December Student Spotlights - Kattie B. & Preston R.

Sage Oak 12th grade student, Kattie B. recently passed her test to become an adult-level first-degree black belt. Kattie takes classes through Sage Oak community provider, Jeff Speakman with New Breed Martial Arts. She also accomplished a selfless act as she spent most of her time before her test assisting those with lower belts. Her teacher, Ms. Deanna Boshoven, stated that she is such a pleasure to teach and an excellent example for other students.

In honor of Special Education Day, we featured 6th grade student Preston R. He’s grown leaps and bounds, especially in these last few years with us, and is working hard on his reading skills. We are so appreciative of all of our special education team teachers and staff!