Aug. 9, 2021

Sage Oak COVID-19 Response Plan Update: August 9, 2021

Dear Sage Oak families,

As the new year approaches, we wanted to communicate with you our safety plans and expectations for the ongoing pandemic. Sage Oak Charter Schools is dedicated to maintaining a safe learning environment for its students and staff and to providing continuity in student learning by complying with the guidance from 
the California Department of Public Health, Cal/OSHA, and local public health ordinances in all counties that we serve.  

Please take a moment to review our updated COVID-19 Response Plan including Sage Oak guidance, meeting and event expectations, and safety protocols. 

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COVID-19 Response Plan Updates

COVID-19 Response Plan Chart & Map
In an effort to communicate safety protocol at school events and gatherings in each of the nine counties we serve, Sage Oak will continue to utilize our COVID-19 response plan during the 2021-22 school year. This resource is posted on the schools’ website and kept up-to-date throughout the school year. 

The COVID-19 Response Plan Chart and Map have been updated to reflect four color tiers. A new orange tier has been added for counties with different public health orders in place than the state guidelines. For example, Los Angeles county reinstated an indoor mask mandate.

County ordinances will be listed here and linked to the response plan.
Safety Expectations and In-Person Gatherings

The following infographic outlines safety expectations at Learning Period Meetings and all school-sponsored events and gatherings such as field trips and socials. The infographic will be kept current to reflect the most recent guidance on face coverings and social distancing, as well as additional safety expectations.


Learning Period Meetings 
Parents have three options for meeting locations.

  • Fully virtual - Families may opt for virtual learning period meetings; however, it is important to note that the state may implement in-person requirements for events such as state assessments.

  • In-person in an outdoor setting* (outdoor setting recommended for in-person meetings)

  • In-person in an indoor setting*

*Permitted if the county where the meeting is conducted is in the appropriate tier on the schools’ response plan

Sage Oak is recommending that if a family selects in-person meetings that they are conducted outdoors and in a location conducive to reviewing student learning.

Sage Oak teachers will ensure that in-person meetings take place in an environment where all attendees can hear each other even when wearing a face covering.

The arrival times of families will be staggered to prevent congregating and all spaces will be cleaned and disinfected between meetings, both indoors and outdoors. 

Other In-Person Gatherings:

  • Community Provider (CP) Services - In-person CP services are permitted when the response plan allows for it in the county the CP is located. The schools' business services department ensures that CPs understand they are required to comply with all safety requirements as per their industry and county. It is recommended that families connect with their CPs in advance to be prepared for the CP's business expectations in terms of COVID-19 safety and face masking.
  • School-Sponsored Events (eg. field trips, park days, socials, hangouts, Senior Sunrise/Sunset, etc) - In-person school-sponsored events will be conducted when permitted per the schools’ response plan. Please refer to the infographic for safety expectations based on the location of an event. More information related to safety will be provided at the time of the scheduled events and reflect the most recent guidance.
  • Testing (CAASPP, physical fitness test, ELPAC, etc) - With state-required assessments, the schools will comply with all expectations related to testing. More information will be provided when the state has issued those details. 
Health Screening & Face Masking

Face Masking

At this time, the CDPH guidance for schools requires all students and staff to wear face masks indoors regardless of vaccination status when a student is present. Sage Oak Charter Schools will comply with the most recent guidance requiring all staff and students to remain masked while indoors and will make modifications as permitted by the state or county.

Families that prefer not to wear a mask have the option of meeting outside (weather permitting) or virtually. Please refer to the schools’
 infographic for mask requirements and options.

Health Screening Process

  • Families must self-monitor all attendees’ health using the following checklist the morning of and prior to attending any in-person school-sponsored activities or events. Families are not required to report this information to the school, however, if there are new-onset symptoms present or if the family has been exposed to COVID-19, it is required to contact your teacher and reschedule the meeting as appropriate.
  • Staff must complete a Wellness Screening form the morning of and prior to attending any in-person commitments and be cleared by human resources.

Please refer to Sage Oak’s response plan in order to track your county’s placement. We continue to monitor the state and industry guidance and, as always, will promptly communicate any changes in county placement with all families and staff.


Krista Woodgrift
Executive Director

If you have any questions related to the schools’ COVID-19 response plan, please fill out this form.