March 15, 2021

Sage News: Week of March 15, 2021

Week of March 15, 2021

Calling all poets!
The America Library of Poetry is having a student poetry contest. All students in grades 3-12 are eligible to participate.  Each student can submit one poem that is no more than 20 lines. Poems are due by April 30, 2021, and can be submitted online or through the mail. 

If you have questions, you can read about contest rules here. This contest has a variety of prizes that will be awarded to the winners announced in September. Don’t miss this opportunity to show that you CAN be an author at any age! Visit the America Library of Poetry to find out all the details and how to submit your poem.

You can click the link below to submit your poem for Sage Oak to publish. We want to celebrate our authors!
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New counseling groups will be starting after Spring Break! 

Social Skills/ Friendships: Grades TK-2, 3-5, and 6-8
Social skills are the abilities and competencies we use to navigate the social world. These skills tell us how to act and what to say in particular social situations.

With strong social skills, kids and young adults can more easily build friendships, get along with others, work collaboratively in groups, handle frustrations, and have an overall improved quality of life. This group focuses on communication skills, which include understanding nonverbal cues, learning to think before you speak, strategies for expressing yourself, using active listening skills, introductions, and small talk, starting a conversation, being assertive, and more.

Executive Functioning: Grades 3-5, 6-8, and 9-12
Executive functioning skills are the basis for planning, organizing, initiating, and following through with all tasks, assignments, and problems inside and outside of school. Many students who forget assignments, are disorganized, can’t complete long-term assignments, have trouble focusing, and experience difficulty with change often have weak executive functioning skills. This group serves as a basic introduction to strategies to help support learners improve these skills. 

For more information on both these counseling groups, please refer to the social skills and executive functioning skills interest surveys or to speak to our School Counselor, please complete our Counselor Request Form or contact Allie at 

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Math Matters
This month, we are focusing on how to tackle word problems with our students. Please take a moment to explore our March Newsletter on why this is so important, and to learn some cool tricks and strategies in helping our students develop this discipline.

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